As we playfully approach this day…

Your preschool child is an explorer, inventor, scientist, performer, artist, negotiator, wizard and best friend at some point every day. Our teachers understand the importance of stretching your child’s mind beyond the present while continuing to build upon the roots that have been instilled.
Each child is unique with an individual learning style, attributes, needs, inclinations and growth patterns. A recognition and appreciation for individual talents, preferences and differences are central to our education philosophy and success in promoting growth in all areas for our children.

Our preschool classrooms are designed to inspire children to embrace learning through teacher-designed curriculum, center time and PLAY! We believe that choice is essential for your child to grow. Self-expression and creativity blended with your child’s natural curiosity and desire to make sense of their world will be their prime motivators for blossoming in all developmental areas. In our preschool class, your child will learn through a variety of individual and cooperative group experiences. Daily activities will promote personal awareness, emotional well-being, reasoning, communication, socialization, and perceptual-motor.

A confident child will aspire more readily in challenging situations. Our teachers will promote your child’s confidence and positive self-image above all else.