About Us

About Us

Lawrenceville Presbyterian Preschool, previously Lawrenceville Presbyterian Co-operative Nursery School, is a cooperative preschool located in Lawrenceville NJ on Route 206 next to The Lawrenceville School.

Lawrenceville Presbyterian Preschool (LPP) was established by parents and members of The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville in 1961 and its connection to the church remains integral to how LPP operates. Admission to the school is without regard to race, religious affiliation or national origin.

All teachers have fulfilled state law requirements for teaching in preschools, and have been chosen for their qualities of warmth and responsiveness to children, as well as their educational qualifications. Lawrenceville Presbyterian Preschool is a 501c3 non-profit licensed by the State of New Jersey.

LPP is an organization of the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville and receives support as a program of the church, in fulfilling its mission to provide an enriched environment for children in the community. Though religious education is not a regular part of the curriculum, LPP provides a variety of occasional religious learning opportunities based not only in Christian teaching, but a variety of religious perspectives, all of which emphasize respect for the individual child.

Partnering with families to grow happy, well-rounded children.

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