Our Director

Alison Young

2020-21 is my eighth year serving as Executive Director of Lawrenceville Presbyterian Preschool, and I continue to enjoy the privilege of growing this special little school.  Getting to know all the children and families is such a pleasure!  I am blessed to work with a wonderful staff of dedicated teachers who love what they do.

A bit about me…

Raising our own three children–who are now parents of young children, themselves– first brought me into the world of early childhood education, and I was hooked. I loved that everything in the life experience of young children could be used as ‘curriculum’ for learning—the physical world, language, stories, relationships, music, art, imagination, wondering. From 1979-2000,  our home base was Tokyo, Japan, interspersed with three sabbatical years spent living in South India.  Our children attended preschools in India and Japan, which enriched my experience as a parent and gave me a wonderful window on education and home life in those cultures. My professional experience began as a volunteer in the kindergarten class at our children’s international school in India. From there, I went on to teach in the international preschool of our church in Tokyo, then served as Director there for four years until the time we moved back to the U.S. in the summer of 2000.

Sharing in the lives of children and families as they learn and grow is simply a delight. In New Jersey, something like a ‘foreign country’ after those 22 years abroad, I jumped into a variety of experiences in early childhood education in the American culture—teaching 3-year-olds in a small program, serving as a director of a church-based preschool enrolling 120 children, and as a board member of my church’s nursery school in Pennington.  In each setting I’ve learned and grown right along with the children.  I’m lucky that I’ll always be (Mrs.) Young!