What are school hours and days of operation?

We have school Monday – Friday, 9 am to Noon.
2-yr-olds – Two Days per Week – Mondays & Fridays;
3-yr-olds – Three Days per Week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
4-yr-olds – Four or Five Days per Week – Monday – Friday.

Our school year runs from early September through the end of May.
We follow the Lawrence Townships Schools calendar for school holidays.
We offer a separate Summer Days program on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for the first two weeks of June.

Lunch Bunch from 12-1 for Chickadees and Owls
Lunch Break Puffins from 1-3 for Chickadees and Owls

What is a cooperative preschool?

One of the many things that sets LPP apart from other preschools is our Helping Parent classroom commitment. We expect family members to be assistants in the classroom. This is a unique and wonderful opportunity to be involved in your child’s education. Family members benefit from the opportunity to observe the way our highly-qualified, professional teachers interact with the preschool children, and how their child relates to their classmates. This encourages an entirely different educational experience for the FAMILY, allowing family members to develop and utilize new skills to help children play, work and grow.

Can I visit my child during the day?

Parents of enrolled children may visit the classrooms at any time without prior approval from the director or any staff member. If a non-parent visitor is to come into the school, they must be accompanied by a  parent or gain permission from the Director prior to visiting. This is to protect our children and keep the classroom a peaceful environment.

What ratios do you have in the classrooms?

Two/Threes Program is 3:1, Three/Fours Program is 4:1, Four/Fives is 6:1 at maximum capacities.

What fees are associated with registration?

We have a $50 non-refundable registration fee per child.

How is discipline handled at the school?

1. We recognize that each child has individual abilities, needs, and orientations for learning.
2. Acceptable behavior will be stressed by a positive approach, action, and language.
3. Standards and limits will be upheld so individuals will have freedom and rights within the group.
4. Guidance is needed to achieve self-direction and self-control.
5. Basic human values such as trust, respect, honesty, and caring interactions with others will be nurtured.
6. We will help children appropriately express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
7. The classroom atmosphere will be one of acceptance, tolerance, and patience.
8. We feel that touching a child can provide security, a feeling of accomplishment, or help him or her refrain from an undesirable act.
9. Independent behavior, work habits, and decision making will be encouraged.
10. A time of renewal for the child may be provided by temporary exclusion from a group or activity.
11. Close contact with parents will be maintained by daily conversations, conferences and newsletters.
12. Each adult in the cooperative classroom shares the responsibility for classroom behavior.
13. We will not use corporal punishment.
14. We will stress the importance of the home and school providing structure and accountability so that children can take responsibility for their choices and actions.

Do you require toilet training?

No, not for any child in any of our classes. This is something that each child masters at his/her own pace, and we are there to support that process for each individual. This is a helpful article that represents our philosophy beautifully.

How often will my child get to play outside?

We play outside as much as possible. Fresh air and exercise is vital for a child’s well-being. Heavy rain or extreme cold are the only reason we would hold recess indoors. We encourage children to always have weather appropriate clothing.

Is there formal religious instruction taught at the school?

LPP is an organization of the Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville and receives support as a program of the church, in fulfilling its mission to provide an enriched environment for children in the community. Though religious education is not a regular part of the curriculum, LPP provides a variety of occasional religious learning opportunities based not only in Christian teaching, but a variety of religious perspectives, all of which emphasize respect for the individual child.

What is the legal status of the preschool, and your policy regarding admission?

Lawrenceville Presbyterian Preschool is a 501c3 non-profit licensed by the State of New Jersey. In 1961, parents and members of PCOL established the preschool. LPP’s connection to the church remains integral to LPP’s operation. LPP is a program of PCOL and receives support in its mission of creating and providing an enriched environment for children of the community.  Admission to the school is without regard to race, religious affiliation or national origin. Each teacher has fulfilled state requirements for teaching in preschools, and has been chosen for her qualities of warmth and responsiveness to children, as well as her educational qualifications.

When should I register my child in your preschool?

Registration begins in late January for the upcoming school year. If we have openings during the year, we welcome new families at any time.  We recommend you contact us as soon as you know you are interested, to discuss your needs and your situation so we can attempt to accommodate your child at the earliest opportunity.