Our Programs

At LPP, we believe that learning through play is the foundation for all our teachings. We understand that every child is unique, with different learning styles, attributes, needs, inclinations, and growth patterns. That is why we recognize and appreciate individual talents, preferences, and differences, and our teachers strive to stretch your child’s mind beyond the present while building upon their foundation.

In our preschool classes, we provide a rich play-based learning environment that promotes growth in all areas of development. We encourage choice, self-expression, and creativity, blended with your child’s natural curiosity to make sense of the world around them. Our daily activities promote personal awareness, emotional well-being, reasoning, communication, socialization, and perceptual-motor development.

We believe that a confident child succeeds more readily in challenging situations. Therefore, our teachers prioritize promoting your child’s confidence and positive self-image above everything else. By partnering with families, we aim to grow happy, well-rounded children.

Our preschool classes are designed to cater to the unique developmental stages of each age group.

The Ducklings Class is for children aged 2–3 and meets two mornings per week, Monday and Friday. Our small group size and low adult-child ratio provide a gentle and nurturing environment for children to explore being away from home for the first time.

The Chickadees Class is for children aged 3–4 and meets three or four days per week, Tuesday to Friday. Our warm and supportive setting enables children to learn and grow together, with opportunities for self-directed play and new experiences with friends and loving teachers.

The Puffins Class is open to 3–5 year olds.

An extended day program for our Chickadee and Owl children. Lunch bunch  is from 12-1 (parent provides lunch) and 1-3 offers fun activities exploring science, math, literacy, art, cooking, and additional time on our wonderful playground.  Offered Monday through Thursday.

The Owls Class is for children aged 4–5 and meets four or five mornings per week, Monday to Friday. This class has a focus on kindergarten readiness and provides children with opportunities to develop inquiry skills, investigate the earth and living things, gain an understanding of numbers and counting, and master many self-help skills. In addition, children have opportunities to express themselves in storytelling, dramatic play, art, and music.

At LPP, we also understand the importance of social skills and language development. Through child-led play, children explore their interests and develop their creativity, while building relationships with each other. Our teachers encourage two-way conversations, eye contact, and the use of “I statements” to foster positive peer interactions. We also provide opportunities for children to develop language skills through meaningful conversational exchanges, storytelling, and phonemic awareness activities.

Finally, we teach mathematical and scientific concepts in ways that are engaging and fun. Children learn how to count, recognize numbers, create and interpret graphs, classify objects, and perform simple addition and subtraction functions. We use games and manipulatives to help children understand and develop these concepts, while also encouraging them to explore, observe, and discover the world around them.