Owls Classroom in January


January in the Owls room was all about “the snow comes down in the dark of night and when we awake the world is white.”  We were glad to have a few days of snow to enjoy our wonderful playground.

DSC_0189We were able to explore a variety of snow and ice activities indoors.

Early in the month we spent many days in a row making ice sculptures. We filled balloons and cups with water to freeze over night.

get-attachment_(9)Different days included different activities such as using salt to melt our ice sculptures to create holes and cracks. We then explored using water colors to paint our ice creations. get-attachment_(39)

What can you do with toothpicks, buttons, pipe-cleaners, and yarn added to your ice?

get-attachment_(70)When we finally were able to bring real snow inside we explored similar materials using snow instead of ice. Using toothpicks and buttons in snow is SO much easier! The water colors really showed better on the snow than ice, too.

get-attachment_(20)get-attachment_(79)get-attachment_(55)get-attachment_(51)On the last day we added our ice sculptures to real snow for a big finale!       get-attachment_(49)_1 get-attachment_(49) get-attachment_(28)


One of the biggest changes in the Owls room this month was our “Math Bucket.”

get-attachment_(28)_1Each morning we come to school now, we have to count how many items are in the bucket. We write our name and then the number we think we have counted. get-attachment_(3)We have been working on 1-14 in the Math Bucket. Some days we have noticed it`s easy to count. Like when there is only a few items, or if they are all different colored items. Many of us have also noticed how hard it can be when the items sizes are different or when the item is exactly the same. get-attachment_(1)At circle we take the items out from the container and count to see how many are actually there. What a fun way for both one to one correspondence, and writing!



We have added practicing writing on chalkboards and sky writing (using your finger in the air) during circle too. get-attachment_(41)We have worked on numbers 1-5 for now. The Owls really like to write numbers that use straight lines, not curvy. Everyone is learning our poems to help write these numbers.

We LOVE to try our 4s. get-attachment_(42)“Start in the starting corner. Make a little line down to the middle. Walk across the dark night. Jumps to the top and says, I did it big line down!”

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