Helping Parents

Taking part in a cooperative preschool allows you to be directly involved with your child’s early education.

Interacting with a community of other parents and teachers who share your commitment to childhood is fulfilling on many levels. Choosing a cooperative preschool gives you opportunities to learn alongside your child as you observe teachers’ caring interactions. Most importantly,  it gives you extra time to bond with your child and create memories together. Your child will always know that education is important in your family, because you live it everyday.

Parents serve as  Helping Parent in the classroom about once a month.

It is a wonderful way to learn some positive guidance skills and be involved in your child’s first educational experiences. In this role you work alongside the teachers and have the chance to observe your own child and share in their growth, as well as to get to know the staff and other children. We believe parent interest and participation gives children the support and security they need to become active learners. Children love sharing their school experiences with parents, and eagerly look forward to their turn to have Mom or Dad as the day’s Helping Parent!

We actively encourage parents to share their individual talents and interests. Each family participates in a volunteer capacity by serving on one or more Parent Committees.  This spirit of working together is not only rewarding, but also a lesson for our children in the value of community..


Partnering with families to grow happy, well-rounded children.