Ducklings Class (age 2/3)

ducks sandbox

The Ducklings Class offers the ideal first school experience for your child.

Our small group size and low adult-child ratio allows for nurturing support and a gentle, warm environment in which to explore being away from home for the first time. Class size is maximum of ten children, with a teacher, assistant teacher and helping parent.  Within the simple structure of a daily routine, we provide children a multitude of opportunities for play and exploration.

Our Ducklings class meets two mornings per week, Monday and Friday.

A small group of ten children are gently guided through periods of free play, storytime, snacktime, outdoor play and a variety of activities to enrich their learning experience while making first friends.


This will be your child's first experience of school, and we promise to make it a wonderful one! Our Co-op Parent philosophy means that parents have frequent, hands-on involvement in daily learning experiences. Seeing your child getting to know, trust and enjoy teachers and other children is truly heart-warming.


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