Music Together

LPP is a qualified provider of Music Together, making a commitment to include music as an essential part of our core curriculum.

Alison Young, our trained Music Together specialist, leads weekly classes full of creative, research-based music and movement activities. Throughout the week the classroom teachers use music  to support other subjects, to ease transitions and at play time.


“Blossoming into a confident music-maker is just one way your child will benefit from Music Together. This music curriculum also fosters their language, socio-emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Because music supports all of a child’s growing capacities, we like to say ‘music learning supports all learning.'”

Families receive a CD and songbook for each Music Together Song Collection used in class (two each school year) plus full access to the wonderful Family Music Zone™ website. There you will find MP3s, bonus song activities, videos, educational resources, and more.

Benefits for Your Child

“When music is a part of your child’s everyday life, the benefits are immeasurable. Music develops the child’s mind, body, and spirit simultaneously. The simple pleasures of singing, dancing, and playing instruments with others engages children and can help them participate more fully in school.

With Music Together, your child’s music education

will go far beyond singing songs once a week.

In addition to the intrinsic benefits of music-making, the Music Together program supports your child’s growth in many important developmental areas.

Music development: Singing in tune and moving in time, ensemble skills, exposure to diverse musical styles, readiness for future music lessons (if desired)

Language development: active listening, pre-literacy skills, vocabulary

Socio-emotional development: self-confidence, self-regulation, leadership skills

Cognitive development: emerging math skills, executive function, understanding cause and effect

Physical development: gross and fine motor skills, coordination,spatial awareness

Approaches to learning: motivation to try new things, imagination and creativity.”

 Music learning supports all learning.®