Owls Cork Board Creations

Some of the children in the Owls class were busy today creating these inventive storyboard pictures. What a great activity to practice fine-motor skills, imagination, planning, using shape and color...and getting to pound tacks with a hammer! Very satisfying and engrossing.


A special car for the delivery of wood to the barge below. Tipper/movable door! By PaxtonIMG_5764

A Christmas tree, a boy and two presents under the tree. By AmosIMG_5763

A SAW, by Harry.IMG_5765An elaborate bad-guy trap, with moving parts, including the green crescent moon--difficult to describe without being able to demonstrate. By Nyle.

IMG_5766Train station and train tracks. by Max.

IMG_5767Vintage, well-used hammers and real, sharp tacks for pounding into cork board. So satisfying!

IMG_5772 IMG_5774

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